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OC Invest Club
Finance and investment experts
OC Invest Club organization
Hedge Fund
We explore the market constantly, make decisions together and create profitable investment portfolios that, on average, bring club members from 30% per annum.
Investment club
Our goal is to unite investors and traders from all over the world to communicate, increase personal capital, joint investment and trade.
Education center
Professional training in smart money management and mindful investing to create passive income, as well as an educational program in trading and intraday trading.
Token Administration
Own OC Invest Token is an integral part of the club's ecosystem.

The company is engaged in the tokenization of business assets, the creation and listing of tokens on the exchange, as well as the conversion of digital assets.
OC Invest Club was founded
Record percentage of trader's profit for a trading session
Participants of the educational programs of the club
OC Invest Club's mission is to create a future free from inflation and depreciation of currencies with the help of digital assets, as well as create an accessible educational base so that financial literacy and smart money management become the basic competencies of every person.
Calendar of events
Founding of the club
Opening of the first office
Office opening in Moscow City
Listing OC Invest Token on Waves Exchange
Partnership with the rating agency ZeBillions
More than 200 professional traders who have been trained according to the author's program of Oleg Chernyshov trade at OC Invest Club
Opening an office in the UAE
Opening of an office and a Trader's House in Bali
Start of construction of an investment eco-village
Token listing on the Binance Exchange
Become a market maker on the Binance Exchange
Opening of a charitable foundation
Opening of the investment eco-village Camelini
OC Invest Club branches in the USA, Canada, UAE, Japan, China, Ukraine, Britain, Europe
The total investment capital of all club members is more than $ 1 billion
We have assembled a team of professionals, in which each specialist is responsible for his own direction, without being distracted by other tasks. A hedge fund helps investors save time and performs asset selection and management functions.
Specialists in the valuation of assets and investment instruments who analyze the market situation, predict its development and develop an investment strategy.
Market Makers
Specialists in the formation and maintenance of liquidity of assets on the exchange.
Universal Traders
Specialists in intraday trading on various instruments - stock, derivatives, foreign exchange, cryptocurrency markets, etc.
Crypto Lawyers
Specialists in regulating and solving complex situations in the field of digital assets.
Direction leaders
Oleg Chernyshov
Founder and head of OC Invest Club, practicing trader and investor since 2007
Anton Antonov
Head of Analytics, Monitoring and Forecasting Department, TOP Trader
Andrey Konovalov
Head of technical analysis department, TOP trader, developer of trading strategies
Daniil Khizhnyak
Head of digital currencies, TOP trader
Evgeny Lopatin
Head of analytical research department, TOP trader
Ekaterina Zharova
Director of Development
Nikolay Mironenko
Hedge Fund TOP Trader
Yulia Griboyedova
Head of marketing department
The educational center
One of the main activities of the club is to conduct open seminars for everyone, at which experienced investors and traders analyze promising exchange-traded assets, share tools for analyzing and selecting investment instruments, as well as rules for distributing funds in an investment portfolio to minimize risks.

There are several educational areas in the club.
Financial literacy
Open seminars on topics related to financial management, organization of games on the Cash Flow business simulator, lectures from invited experts.
Investments from scratch
An intensive course for those who want to start investing and receive passive income from their investments in shares of well-known companies.
An educational program for beginners who want to learn trading from scratch and for practicing traders who are developing and want to learn new trading strategies.
Energy practices
Practices for body and soul that help to find inner harmony and plunge into a state of fulfillment and happiness to attract cash flow.
Investment club
An international community that brings together successful and motivated people developing in the field of conscious investing and financial management.
Community of like-minded people
Club members are always in touch in the general chat of community members. We develop financial literacy, discuss investment ideas and cooperate with each other.
Monthly meetings of club experts
All residents have the opportunity to personally discuss their investment ideas with professionals. At the meetings, there is an analysis of promising assets for long-term investment portfolios and speculative ideas.
Club rest and activities
More than 40 events a year - from business breakfasts and meetings with invited experts to tourist trips and visits to cultural events.
Investment pools
Collective participation in highly profitable capital-intensive projects managed by professional investors of the club, where the final profit is distributed among the participants according to the ratio of their investments.
The goal of the club is to build an investment eco-village on a picturesque territory by the river in the Belbek Valley in 2023 for traders and investors from all over the world, who will be able to come to a place hidden from the bustle of the city at any time and relax with like-minded people.
Autonomous cottages
Houses that do not harm nature, but are in symbiosis with it, using natural resources (solar energy, river water) efficiently and with benefit for themselves.
Eco farm
Growing plants and keeping animals in natural conditions, with care and love.
In the bakery, cheese dairy, winery and other industries in the territory of Camelini, products will be prepared only from organic products.
Dealing center in the forest
We will provide a stable internet connection, as we ourselves will live and trade directly from the investment coworking center in the eco-village.
Leisure for guests
Quad bikes, river rafting, horseback riding, hiking, master classes and energy practices are all freely available to the guests of Camelini.
The OC Invest Club team consists of developers, crypto lawyers, market makers and crypto traders. The company is an expert in the field of digital currencies and provides a range of services related to blockchain and tokenization of businesses.
Token Exchange
Converting digital currencies.
Token Creator
Tokenization of business assets and listing of tokens on the exchange.
OC Invest Token
We have released our own token, which is traded on the Waves Exchange.
OC Invest Token
We created the OC Invest Token to optimize the work of the company's directions, as well as to provide an opportunity for joint earnings.
Real marketplace
In August 2021, the token was listed on the Waves Exchange. OC Invest Token is now in the public domain for purchase.
The Token is an integral part of the OC Invest Club ecosystem. It is a guarantee of ownership of a part of the company and is used to pay for OC Invest Club services, purchase training programs, as well as services in the eco-village of Camellini.
Payment of dividends
Token holders represent a share of the company's profits. Dividends are paid in stablecoins.
Cashback with tokens from the amount of purchases and a loyalty program.
Video instruction for buying a Token
Contact us:
Moscow, International Business Center Moscow-City, North Tower, 5th floor
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